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Maritime Technical Consultancy Services


1. Vessel Inspection


Purchasing or chartering a vessel without having thorough knowledge of its machinery and hull is a risk that no shipowner should take. At OSPL, our experienced vessel inspectors have the expert capabilities to look into every nook and cranny of the machinery of various types of vessels under different class certifications, offering our clients peace of mind.


Our vessel inspection services include:


Pre-purchase and sales service

Our team of professional vessel inspectors are able to provide an unbiased, independent review of the condition of the vessel to facilitate sales and purchase. The review may include an assessment of class records, recommendations on significant overhauls and repairs, and a review of the thickness measurement results.


Vessel condition surveys

These are conducted by qualified surveyors to assess that the vessel is in top physical performance, safety quality as well as the competency of marine administrators. In addition, discrepancies and potential problems will be highlighted so they can be addressed before they escalate into larger and costlier issues.


Comprehensive assessment and report

Upon completing the assessment, OSPL clients can expect a comprehensive report detailing the vessel's condition and recommendations. As a client-centric organisation, we are able to incorporate any client-specific requirements into our standard report format.


2. New vessel building services


As with any new building developments, the planning and approval stages of maritime projects are a critical period as it sets the tone for success. Backed by vast technical know-how, OSPL's team of specialists possess the capabilities to  help guide our clients through the various building and plan approval stages of new vessel construction, based on safe building practices.


On our expert team are master mariners, chief engineers, naval architects and academic lecturers, all of whom possess at least 15 years of experience and a good track record on project management and supervision of new building projects.


Some examples of the types of vessels OSPL team has supported in building projects include river cruises, oil/ chemical tankers, self-propelled oil barges, to name a few.


Our vessel building services encompass the following:


Shipyard evaluation

This includes measuring capabilities of the shipyard and assisting clients to design and produce the required type of vessel according to their desired requirements. The preliminary evaluation process includes assessing the shipyard's financial strength and sustainability, subcontracted work, design and construction technology, safety practices, to name a few.


Review technical specifications and contracts

This service involves analyzing the technical specifications and contract details. Our team can also extend this service to include assistance with the client's shipyard negotiation.


Design and equipment review

A detailed appraisal is carried out to ensure optimal vessel design and operational capacity. Our technical team will cover all bases including conceptual design, production design, vessel conversion design, design modifications, vessel structural analysis, as well as cargo handling system plans and navigational equipment layout.


Site supervision services

A team of OSPL’s experienced personnel is on hand to provide consistent checks and liaison with all parties involved at the client’s project site. This ensures progress is on schedule and on par with expected standards and good vessel building practices. Comprehensive reports on project progress, as well as time and cost estimates, will be provided.  


Commissioning and trials assistance

We provide on-site assistance on the commissioning of machinery and other systems to spare our clients the hassle of undertaking this crucial process. Our service includes recording and ensuring compliance through a thorough technical evaluation by our specialist teams.


3. Pre-docking inspection and repairs


Pre-docking inspections provide an overview of the type of repairs that the vessels require during dockings. In short, they are essential in keeping your cargo access systems and equipment in top form for safety and efficiency. Our team is able to tailor-fit a plan for our clients' needs right from the start to the end, saving precious time and costs. 


Our pre-docking inspection services cover:


Onboard pre-docking inspections

Our analytical team will inspect the vessel and outline the findings in a detailed report, including a description of the current condition of equipment, the scope and type of repair that is required as well as time and budget required for repairs.


Technical specifications

We provide technical services such as the steel work calculations, drawings, shipyard evaluation and comparative budget quotes for required repair parts.


Supervision and implementation repairs

Our professional technical team will supervise and implement the docking repairs to ease the client’s duties and ensure a smoother repairing process. We will provide assistance during dockings to ensure all repairs are carried out efficiently and within the planned time frame.


Follow-up inspections

In addition to the above services, our team is also committed to keeping our client's vessel equipment in excellent working shape through follow-up inspections, thus reducing future maintenance costs.


4.  Marine Services


OSPL’s trusted marine services are key in helping companies manage marine safety, quality and environmental risks carefully while complying with stringent maritime legislation.  


Our marine services include:


Marine vetting and inspection

As a trusted marine and ship vetting service provider, OSPL ensures that every detail, from port state control to vessel casualty data records, are checked and rechecked by our accredited inspectors. We also provide professional marine risk management and can assist in the compliance of any third-party vessels used.


Vessel registration services

OSPL provides vessel registration services for shipowners including yacht owners, shipbrokers, builders, ship managers and legal advisers who wish to register commercial ships and pleasure boats under various flags.

Vessel registration rules and regulations differ from country to country. Our team is able to assist clients in streamlining the entire process, from meeting vessel registration requirements, classification of the vessel to documentations required. To learn more about our flag registration services, click here: flag registration services. (Note to designer: Link back to sub-section 1 under flag registration services)


Maritime Security Services

Our clients' safety is of paramount importance. We, tTogether with our security partner, Infinite Security Solutions, we offer  security monitoring and surveillance services to clients and shipowners through the use of technologically-driven coastal monitoring tools while strictly complying with the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code of the maritime industry. This refers to the comprehensive set of measures aimed at enhancing security of ships and port facilities.


In addition, our team also provides environmental, technical and physical security for piracy prone areas such as the Gulf of Aden, implement Best Management Practices (BMP) and draw up risk assessment analysis plans. Our partner’s details can be found at .


5. Quality Assurance Services


OSPL's commitment to quality assurance will offer our clients peace of mind in meeting all contractual specifications, legislation and strict quality standards. Our team's quality assurance services include developing customized programs with safety management systems for clients. We are also on hand to assist in the development of manuals and can provide trainers to train our client’s employees to use the program and understand the manuals.


What we offer:


Safety management programs

With our team of experienced technical maritime experts, OSPL is able to develop customized programs for clients on safety management and quality management systems. Client-specific manuals can also be created to accompany the programs.


Workshops or seminars for quality assurance

Our experienced trainers are able to conduct workshops and seminars to educate staff on safety and quality assurance.


Third-Party quality and ISO shipboard and office audits

Third-party audits are necessary for clients who want to create a quality management system which conforms to a standard set of requirements, such as the ISO 9001. The ISO 9001 certification certifies the company’s system of quality management and its staff's knowledge. The three types of audits used are the certification audit, maintenance or surveillance audits and recertification audits.



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