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The most competent and experienced of talents from key marine industries are with OSPL, including master mariners, marine engineers, naval architects and ex-IACS  classification society surveyors.


Our dedicated team of professionals all have one goal in mind - that is, to strive to offer quality services and integrated solutions for our clients while complying with the industry's highest standards and regulations of the international shipping body. 


Organization Structure


The company is managed by the Chief Executive Officer who has an in-depth shipping and maritime background. The General Manager and Quality Management Representative oversee and assess quality across four departments: Commercial, Operations, Technical and Administration.


Commercial department: Manages the business relations with clients, marketing and advertising for OSPL. It is helmed by a  manager who oversees a team of industry-savvy and motivated executives.


Operations department: Coordinate ongoing projects and on-the-ground business processes to ensure smooth flow of services.


Technical department: The team is led by a manager who oversees Flag State inspectors, as well as other shipping and maritime engineers and other marine specialists.


Administration department: Handles accounts and administrative processes of ongoing projects and company matters. 




As Asia and the rest of the world move towards an accelerated pace of cross-border trade and commerce, OSPL is well-equipped to help our clients gain a competitive edge with our smart integrated solutions.


With a branch office in Yangon, Myanmar’s largest and most important commercial hub, OSPL is primed to capture the growth potential in this market. Our reliable quality shipping and maritime services will be particularly useful to clients who intend to begin business and trading ties with the industry partners there.  

Shanghai has one of the world's largest and busiest ports, placing OSPL's China office right in the centre of all key commercial activity. Our staff in Shanghai has developed an extensive maritime network and are also bilingual, so as to communicate effectively with international clients. 


Building solid business relationships  


Our team strives to build long-term business relationships based on mutual respect and trust. We believe a solid foundation of such working relationships would ensure consistently high quality delivery of our services.


One of the main core values of OSPL is to set our clients' goals and needs as top priority during our brainstorming and business processes. Our ability to provide creative solutions while complying with regulations of the International Maritime Organization is what we do best.


To further drive the goals of our clients, OSPL’s team of competent specialists espouse a strong set of work ethics and uncompromising integrity. Our employees also believe in the value of collaboration and the importance of working as a team to create unique solutions based on synergy. Our unique reward-and-motivation management culture is regarded as a major factor in our ability to attract leading professionals in the industry to join our growing team. 




OSPL places a strong emphasis on excellence at every level, from strategic thinking and planning to the front-line management and execution of our shipping and maritime services. The pursuit of excellence is entrenched in OSPL’s core philosophy, and the main reason why we have an edge over our competitors.


Our quality objectives:

  • To meet all of the client’s contractual requirements

  • To continuously improve our services through feedback and evaluation

  • To encourage all staff to exercise their individual responsibility for quality and excellence




At OSPL, our customers remain at the heart of our business practices. Our dedicated team is fully committed to providing the resources and support to ensure that we uphold our policy of quality excellence. At the same time, we are also committed to complying with the relevant international maritime regulations in full compliance with international maritime regulations.


Ethics is one of the top priorities of OSPL’s employees. Each and every one of our staff is well-acquainted with the rules, codes and conventions that govern maritime vessels, including the maritime safety and protection of the marine environment set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).


For more information on Maritime safety regulations, click here:




In an age of digital advancements, our team has ensured it is equipped with user-driven Information Technology (IT) systems to support our business processes. We believe in harnessing technology as an efficient and practical complement to our clients' needs.


OSPL's team of professionals undergo continual trainings to employ the best use of our technological tools. Through our digitalized business processes, it is possible for our team to  standardize administration throughout our three Asian offices, thus allowing us to provide timely updates and accurate tracking processes.


In keeping with our client-centric commitment, we have also introduced a 24-hour service support team for our international clients as a point of contact in the event of emergencies, as well as other enquiries and feedback. Whatever location or time zone our clients are in, assistance is just a telephone call away.


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